Wine & Cocktail

Wine & Cocktail

Italy has an un-comparable selection of wines. With over 800 grape varieties and thousands of winemakers, it’s the perfect place to explore unexpected gems, unexplored varietals and new taste sensations. Allow us the pleasure of taking you on a passage through the regions of Italy!

Our goal is to offer a display of interesting wines stretching the length and depth of an eminently diverse winemaking country. We hope to provide an opportunity for you to step away from the familiar, venture into the undiscovered and delve into the world of both classic and modern wines of ’il bel paese.’ We proudly list over 500 Italian labels ranging from Trentino to Sicily and everything in between.

Here in Ontario, we are fortunate enough to have a unique and progressive wine region in our own backyard. With improved quality in every vintage and growing acclaim around the world, drinking local has never been so exciting or enjoyable.

Our collection includes some of our favourite Canadian producers. Wines that we believe represent the exceptional terroir of Ontario and British Columbia.

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